Not losing weight, could this be you?

Do you have the pattern of sticking to your weight loss plan during the week, but then struggle to stay on plan during the weekend? If this is you, I understand the struggle! The weekends are the time we typically want to relax and do something different than our everyday grind. However, it is so important to stick with your healthy habits on the weekends too because you do not want to sabotage all the hard work you did during the week! Here are a few strategies that could help you with sticking to your healthy habits on the weekends:

1.       Plan for your weekend – Once again, planning ahead is a great strategy to use. Just like you plan for what you will do and eat on the weekdays, try this same strategy on the weekend.

2.       Replacement behavior – Do you tend to have a couple glasses of wine or maybe a dessert after dinner on a Friday night to unwind and relax? Try to think of an activity or a healthy food option to replace that glass of wine or dessert. For example, instead of relaxing with a glass of wine, take a bath to relax or instead of having that cookie make a smoothie that has some fruit, protein powder, and coconut oil in it. The goal is to find a healthy behavior to replace the unhealthy behavior.

3.       Avoid restricting yourself during the week – If you restrict yourself too much during the week by not eating enough or only eating foods you do not enjoy, then you are more likely to binge on unhealthy options during the weekend. Ensure you are filling your meals during the week with healthy options that you enjoy and not just ones you tolerate.

4.       Try a new recipe – Use the extra time you have on the weekend to try that new healthy recipe you have been looking at. By trying something new, it gives you something to look forward to and if it is good, then it can be added to your list of healthy recipes you can make during the week.

5.       Think about your future self – When you are reaching for that glass of wine or dessert, pause for a second and ask yourself “What will my future self think of this decision”. Think about how you will feel on Monday when you look back at your decisions for the weekend. Will your future self be proud or will your future self be mad you did not stick to your plan.

6.       Remember your why – Remember why you started the process of losing weight in the first place. Your why needs to be bigger than that glass of wine or cookie. 

It will take some time to adjust your mindset about what weekends look like regarding what you eat and drink, but with consistency and time, you will find that it will become easier and easier to stick with your plan not only on the weekdays but on the weekends too!