Tamara Queen

Dear Body

Dear Body, First I want to start off with telling you I am sorry. I am sorry for the times I spoke bad about you, the times I did things I knew would hurt you, and for constantly comparing you to others. I did many of these things at times when I did not know …

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Meal Prep 101

Meal prep can be a game changer when it comes to staying on track with your weight loss goals. Meal prepping allows you to have healthy options on hand, saves time, and can reduce stress because it takes the guess work out of what you will eat each day. If you have never meal prepped …

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She did it too!

When Sloan had about a week left of her seventy-five-day challenge, we were sitting around the dinner table talking about the reward Sloan wanted for completing the challenge. As we were discussing her prize, Danika jumped in the conversation and casually stated she was going to the challenge. When I asked her what made her …

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